ZCC Cutting Tools Europe

Energy-efficient shipping processes

Lean-Lift® vertical storage cluster:
Top performer in the dynamic tool business

In order to keep pace with the high demand for turning, milling and drilling tools, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe has made efficient inventory management, fast order picking and optimized intralogistics the top priorities in its new warehouse and shipping center in Düsseldorf, Germany.

High-precision tools for the machining industry
In addition to expanding the floor space needed for intralogistic processes, the company has also installed ten modern Hänel Lean-Lift® vertical storage systems. These automated Hänel systems provide height-optimized storage – from floor to ceiling – for extraordinary capacity within a minimum footprint. The Lean-Lift® series is also well-known for maximum flexibility to ensure efficient storage and warehouse operations. All Hänel Lean-Lift® systems were equipped with Hänel EcoDrive® and Hänel EcoMode®.

Sustainable energy concept and intelligent energy management
With Hänel EcoDrive® energy recovery, up to 40 % of the energy needed for the upward run of the extractor in a Lean-Lift® can be recovered depending on the traversing speed when the extractor descends.

Whenever a vertical storage system remains idle for extended periods during normal operation, Hänel EcoMode® automatically switches the system to different levels of standby mode at freely configurable time intervals. This reduces the energy intake of Hänel storage systems to a minimum when they are idle.

Efficient warehouse management in the vertical lift cluster
The Hänel Lean-Lift® systems feature height-optimized storage – from floor to ceiling – so that the seven-meter height of the building can be fully and efficiently utilized. Gaps and unoccupied spaces are avoided to ensure maximum storage capacity.

This is achieved by dynamically organizing the inventory stored inside the vertical lift systems. Items are not assigned permanent storage positions – for example, their locations can vary over time so that frequently ordered items are positioned closer to the access points for faster retrieval.

These particular vertical lifts are also equipped with Hänel high-speed features for optimized operation. The high speeds of the extractors shorten the time needed for order picking even more.

Transparent warehouse processes
The master data for all inventory items is managed with SAP, with the individual storage positions being assigned by the vertical lift systems. SAP sends the data for picking orders to the warehouse management software integrated in the Hänel MP 100 D central controller.

One MP 100 D controls five lifts in a cluster. Each lift is equipped with the Hänel MP 12 N controller with touchscreen technology – this device is used to operate the storage system. Thus each system in a cluster configuration can be operated independently. Data communication with the overarching SAP host is conducted via Ethernet interface, a standard component in the Hänel systems.

Both Hänel cluster controllers have FTP with data conversion software to keep data communication smooth and simple. The integrated Hänel web server provides access to the storage data in the corporate network.

The Hänel Lean-Lift® – energy- saving and efficient
The flexibility and efficiency of the Lean-Lift® systems reflect the quality that can be expected from Hänel solutions. This is complemented by the transparency and functionality of the storage cluster when integrated in the host system.

Energy efficiency is ensured with Hänel Lean-Lift® systems thanks to Hänel EcoDrive® and Hänel EcoMode®!