Our values at Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems

The Hänel Group attaches great importance to the protection and well-being of its employees. Comprehensive occupational health and safety measures are at the forefront of our efforts. We create safe, ergonomically designed workplaces and promote awareness of health and safety through regular training programs and events. Our accident and incident prevention includes both effective emergency planning and fire safety measures. Strict compliance with our safety policies applies to all employees and business partners and is the cornerstone of our company philosophy.


Guidelines on business ethics (Code of Conduct)

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Hänel’s Code of Conduct is an indispensable guide in daily business life. It ensures compliance with laws and promotes responsible behavior, especially in critical situations.


Guidelines on working conditions and human rights

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Compliance with human rights and working conditions is the central focus of our guidelines. As an integral element of our quality management system, they promote compliant behavior and prevent legal infringements.

Emergency planning guidelines on occupational health and safety

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Hänel’s emergency planning guidelines focus on preventive measures in emergency and incident management, providing clear instructions, technical safety equipment and regular training for employees.

Guidelines on occupational health and safety

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Prevention lies at the heart of Hänel’s occupational health and safety guidelines alongside clearly defined regulations and emergency management to ensure sustained health and safety at the workplace.