Wensink (Mercedes-Benz) | Netherlands

Optimized parts management: flexible, fast, lower in cost


The option of connecting storage systems to a dealership’s own IT environment considerably speeds up processes for vehicle service!

Wensink Mercedes-Benz in Apeldorn, NL

Parts are delivered quickly and ergonomically to the customer service counter at the dealership – with little or no waiting.

Workplace quality

Employees do not have to bend over or climb ladders when using Hänel storage systems. The items are delivered to the retrieval area at the correct ergonomic height. Lighter, easier and effective retrieval increases the efficiency of your spare parts storage department.

Efficient and precise inventory control

Continuous inventory control means that shortages in the supply of parts and materials can be avoided.
The modern Hänel microprocessor controllers can communicate with the dealer’s own IT systems or be used as stand-alone storage management systems.
Hänel storage systems support constant inventory monitoring and precise control of stock on hand.

A well-organized parts department enhances the professional image of a car dealership!