Lavans BV, Vossenbeemd 104 a, 5705 CL Helmond, Netherlands

The Hänel Multi-Space® – the efficient all-around solution with maximum storage capacity

Two high-speed Hänel 3-axis lift systems serve as the central mat warehouse in the laundry facility

Lavans is a family business in the Netherlands specializing in the rental and care of work clothes and floor mops, as well as various types of door mats and runners.

At its laundry facility in Helmond, Lavans operates two Hänel Multi-Space® systems for storing cleaned door mats and runners. Both lift units are six meters wide and seven meters high, offering enormous on-site storage capacity in the laundry.

The cleaned mats are placed on carts for transport to the access points of the 3-axis lift systems, where the mats are stored prior to delivery to customers. The central location of the storage system ensures short routing within the laundry and thus saves time in the handling process. The Hänel MP 14 N-StandAlone controller, an integrated standard feature, is used for warehouse management.

Transparent article management with automatic storage position allocation directly from the MP 14 N controller

All mats have item numbers imprinted on them, and this data is recorded in the system. When mats are put into storage, employees enter the item numbers on the touchscreen of the controller. The integrated warehouse management automatically allocates vacant storage positions for the mats and ensures that the appropriate container is brought to the access point. When the mats have been loaded into the lift, the put operation is booked in the system.

Items are put into the Hänel Multi-Space® with maximum speed because the extractor moves horizontally and vertically at the same time. The system efficiently stores hundreds of mats within a minimum footprint and protects them from dust and dirt.

Thanks to parallel picking at two access points, even huge orders can be processed quickly.

Simple integration of the Hänel Multi-Space® in the ERP system via FTP

Hänel controllers can be integrated in nearly all ERP environments without hassles. To keep operations running smoothly in the future, Lavans plans to have the storage systems linked up to its own ERP system. This will enable pick orders to be sent directly from the ERP system to both Hänel storage systems via FTP server.

This kind of integration can be achieved quickly and without replacing any hardware thanks to the flexible interface capabilities of the Hänel MP 14 N controller.

Enormous time savings and high storage density, along with outstanding ergonomics and user friendliness, are among the many compelling benefits delivered by the Hänel storage solution at Lavans.

"In addition to high levels of satisfaction with existing Hänel storage solutions, it was the innovation of the Multi-Space® and the space savings it delivers that influenced our decision to choose Hänel logistic solutions once again. We are very happy with our 3-axis Hänel storage system."

Willy Vlemmings,
Production Manager