Kistler Instrumente AG | Winterthur, CH

Eight Hänel Rotomat® systems reliably support high picking performance for smooth intralogistics

Proven Hänel quality was a decisive factor in favor of the Hänel Rotomat® at Kistler Instrumente AG in Winterthur, Switzerland 

The Kistler Group is a global market leader when it comes to dynamic metrological systems for measuring pressure, power, torque and acceleration. At company headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, some 630 employees produce high-end sensors and innovative metrological solutions. 

A Hänel Rotomat® is operated in the company workshop as a central provisioning system for machinists. All tools, equipment, measuring devices, etc. are stored centrally in the area where they are needed. 

Items are stored efficiently and systematically in the Hänel Rotomat® so that they can be automatically and ergonomically accessed by machinists on demand. 

The compact design of the Hänel Rotomat® provides an enormous amount of storage space within a small footprint by utilizing the room height available. Large numbers of tools in various sizes are neatly stored in well-organized bins – with customized inlays for sensitive measuring devices – where they are safeguarded and ready for access. 

Easy connectivity with the host SAP ERP system 

The Hänel systems are connected to the customer’s own SAP ERP solution. Employees use barcode scanners to read the item numbers on the pick list. The Hänel Rotomat® then brings the required items automatically to the retrieval point. 

Hänel’s compartment and sublevel indicators help employees find the item positions on the system carriers – retrieval is both easy and ergonomic. 

After item retrieval the transaction is confirmed on the central SAP terminal. Due to a high level of satisfaction with this system, the company decided to invest in additional Hänel solutions. 

Space savings, proven Hänel quality and fast access were factors that favored the investment in Hänel technology 

In addition to the enormous space to be saved in the workshop, the well-known quality delivered by Hänel, plus fast and easy access to tools, metrological devices and production components were convincing arguments for investing in the Hänel intralogistics solution.

„The high quality and wide range of Hänel products made it easy for us to find just the right storage solution to satisfy our requirements. The Hänel Rotomat® is just the right solution for us.“

Marco Flaim
Workshop Manager