Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG


Exceptional high-tech storage in Hamburg with four premium-finished Hänel Lean-Lifts®

Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG was founded in 1930 as an engineering office – today the company is major wholesaler serving well-known customers in the paper, automotive and engineering industries, to name just a few.

Four Hänel Lean-Lifts® with premium color finishes support employees in Hamburg every day. Components such as ball bearings and seals in various package sizes are stored on up to 80 containers per lift system.

Easy integration in the enterprise network with the Hänel MP 100 D central controller

Standard integrated storage management in the lift cluster is controlled centrally with the MP 100 D. The central controller communicates easily with the Pallas ERP system used at Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG.

All intralogistics processes, including internal transaction monitoring as well as shipping and receiving, are defined in various processes managed with Pallas. The interface to the ERP system was specially programmed by Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG with support from Hänel. Access to various processes in the warehouse processes is only possible through employee authentication at the terminal.

Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG especially appreciates the reliability and performance of the Hänel storage solution

If products are to be retrieved from the storage systems for shipping, a packing slip is generated that includes the order number and a list showing the quantities of each and every item in the order. The ERP system generates the order data and sends this information to the Hänel Lean-Lift®.

When the barcode on the packing slip is scanned at one of the Lean-Lifts®, the Hänel system uses optimized routing to bring items to the access point for retrieval. The system functions according to the FIFO principle. The delivery note is printed once the final inspection is completed in the shipping department, and the ERP system automatically updates the inventory status.

An inventory input order is generated when parts received by the company are inspected and sent directly to the Hänel Lean-Lift® for storage. This input file provides the lift with data that includes the article designation, quantity and packaging size. A ticket showing the item input number is generated and later scanned at the lift to start the inventory replenishment transaction. The controller on the Hänel Lean-Lift® automatically finds the ideal storage position for these items.

The sides of the Hänel systems feature Plexiglas panels that reveal the impressive product portfolio offered by Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG. Blue LEDs on the extractor also highlight the perfect interaction of technology, precision and modern design.

The successful realization of the intralogistics concept and the software interface considerably shortens the response time for the transfer of goods among company sites.



'Only Hänel had the expertise required to set up a direct link between our Pallas ERP system and the storage lifts without any need for additional software!'

Oliver Dogs
General Manager