Favorite Logistics BV, Het Eek 1, 4004 LM Tiel, Netherlands

Maximum picking performance: Pick-by-Voice with the Hänel Lean-Lift®

A cluster of two Hänel Lean-Lift® systems with voice control deliver maximum performance and ease of use in the shipping department

Favorite Gifts is a successful family business and one of the largest providers of promotional items in Europe. The company’s subsidiary Favorite Logistics takes care of all matters related to the logistics behind the successful online shop.

Space-saving storage in two Hänel high-speed vertical lifts having a height of 11 meters

At the logistics center in Tiel, Favorite Logistics operates two Hänel Lean-Lift® systems in conjunction with Actemium Pick-by-Voice for the voice-controlled picking of a wide variety of promotional items. With a height of 11 meters, both storage systems together can accommodate 90 containers to provide an enormous storage volume of 16 tons. The storage area available on the first floor was increased massively by installing the lift cluster – with a minimum footprint – on the ground floor. 

Both retrieval access points are located in the shipping department on the upper floor to ensure optimized processes.

Effective order picking with the voice-controlled Hänel Lean-Lift®

The Hänel intralogistics solution is seamlessly integrated in Favorite Logistics processes. The Hänel MP 12 N-HostWeb controller is directly linked with the Actemium Pick-by-Voice solution via SOAP interface. The Hänel Lean-Lift® is operated exclusively with voice control throughout the entire picking process.

Employees are thus able to work quickly, safely and precisely without any need for manual data input. All customer orders are converted into picking orders by the FavorIT ERP system and then sent to the Actemium WMS. The job is then started in Actemium per voice command. The lift cluster systems run in parallel and bring items to both access points for retrieval.

Clear item location and identification for boosting reliable picking rates

Instructions communicated per headset guide the employee to the correct access point. Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario uses a light dot to mark the exact location of the requisite item on the container. When an item has been retrieved, the employee confirms the pick with voice input. The next item is already at the second access point and can be picked immediately. In the meantime, another item on the job order is transported to the access point of the first lift system. When all of the picks have been completed, the job is booked in the FavorIT ERP system.

Intelligent and efficient processes with maximum time savings

To boost efficiency even more, several orders in one job can be picked at the same time.

The intelligent warehouse management of the Hänel controller organizes all order positions in a way that optimizes routing to save time. Parallel picking at two lift systems supported by Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario effectively minimizes pick errors, routing distances and waiting times.

Voice-controlled Hänel storage solutions enable one employee to process hundreds of jobs per shift – even at peak times.

Favorite Logistics is completely satisfied with the enormous time savings and warehouse efficiency gained from the fast and accurate picking possible with voice-controlled Hänel intralogistics solutions.

"Hänel is a trustworthy and friendly company that stands for efficient partnerships and always strives to find the optimal logistics solution for customers. This, along with positive feedback from references about system reliability and quality, was a key factor in our decision in favor of Hänel."

Fred van Schaik
Logistics Manager