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Tool storage with the Hänel Multi-Space® and external tool management

One Hänel Multi-Space® serves as the primary tool depot for high-tech production processes. The three-axis Hänel system is used for storing and provisioning a wide range of tools, metrology devices and consumables. The lift system supports optimized space utilization and brings items to both central access points for ergonomic retrieval.

Optimal and transparent inventory control with the Hänel Multi-Space®

The Hänel Multi-Space® can be operated in conjunction with a number of tool management systems now available – this versatility is a standard feature. The lift system at August Müller is seamlessly integrated with the tool management software used in the tool department. 

Users gain access to tools by scanning a QR code to legitimize their access authorization. This means that all transactions can be precisely tracked.

Most of the tools also have engraved QR codes to make retrieval and return faster and more accurate. The Hänel Multi-Space® thus safeguards the valuable tool inventory and provides optimized inventory control.

Once the required tool type and quantity is entered, the Hänel three-axis lift system brings the specified container to the retrieval area. Dual access points mean that items can be retrieved or put into storage at the same time. Thus several tools specified on the production schedule sheet can be efficiently retrieved and provided for a particular job order.

The Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators show precisely where tools are located on the container to ensure error-free retrieval.

August Müller CNC efficiently stores about 9,000 different items on 145 multifunction containers in the Hänel Multi-Space®. The height-optimized lift storage concept saves valuable production floor space and also improves ergonomics at the same time.

The installation of four additional Hänel Lean-Lifts® in the shipping area reflects the customer’s satisfaction with Hänel technology.


„The central organization of our tools in the Hänel Multi-Space® saves time and money. We have also gained valuable production floor space thanks to the height-optimized storage available within the small footprint.“

Mathias Rösler
Managing Director