Automated storage for improved transport times

Automated storage solutions boost throughput and save time!

Automated storage solutions function according to the "goods to man" principle. This means that shelf systems are driven by electric motors and manually operated with control units that are connected to specific storage software. Goods are stored on pallets, in cartons, boxes or similar containers and automatically put into inventory or retrieved as needed. Automation helps prevent workplace accidents when storing and retrieving goods. The warehouse achieves high safety standards thanks to automation.

Improved organization is another advantage of automated storage:

  • Having to go search for a specific item, bring it back to the picking station, and perhaps even go back to put the item into inventory again if a mistake was made is a time-consuming process that reduces business productivity. 
  • Search time is eliminated completely thanks to special software. The back and forth of search and retrieval is done by the automated storage solution, which reliably and safely transports the goods to prevent damages.
  • Another major advantage of automated storage is enormous space savings. Compact automated storage requires less floor space, and that reduces the cost of rent, electricity and heat.

Optimized reliability with automated storage

An automated storage solution is very reliable: Software ensures that inventory data is always up to date, and the exact location of goods can be precisely tracked. Automated storage is offered in many variants that satisfy the specific requirements of businesses in different branches of industry. For example, high-bay warehouses, miniload and small parts storage, and pallet storage are among the many automated solutions available. Hänel storage systems are the best examples of automated storage solutions. Rotomat® storage carousels based on the Ferris wheel principle, Hänel Lean-Lift® vertical systems and the Hänel Multi-Space® are used in automated storage environments around the world. An automated storage solution can considerably boost the efficiency of intralogistics.