The control system for web applications directly at the lift

With this controller once again inventory is managed in the customer's storage management system.
The MP12N-HostWeb offers every tool needed to bring the user interface of the storage management system directly to the lift:

  • an Ethernet interface for integration into the customer's network
  • a color TFT display with touchscreen operation
  • an integrated web browser to show HTML pages directly on the control display
  • two serial and one USB interface for connecting peripheral devices

Customer solutions can be individually implemented on the control terminal by means of a web server. There are virtually no limits to the way the user interface is designed.
The HänelSoft® storage management software, for example, uses this technology to provide an intuitive and modern user interface directly at every storage lift.

The pluses

  • The lift controller is simultaneously a full-scale operating terminal for the storage management system.
  • Easy-to-read color TFT touch display with integrated web browser for showing the storage management user interface.
  • Direct access to the storage management database from each storage lift.
  • No additional PC hardware required to operate the lifts in the warehouse.