Intelligent energy management

With the Hänel EcoMode®, a storage system that remains at standstill for long periods without being operated can be switched automatically to different levels of standby mode at freely configurable time intervals.

All systems that consume energy even when at standstill are closed down by the control system in four EcoMode® levels (energy-saving levels). The time intervals can be programmed as required and therefore adapted precisely to individual needs. This reduces the energy intake of the Hänel storage systems to a minimum when they are not being used. Down to EcoMode® level 3, the system returns to
full operational readiness in a very short time once the controller is actuated.

The last EcoMode® level switches the carousel off at the main switch.

Our specialists will continue to work on the Hänel EcoConcept and develop further energy-efficient solutions for the Hänel storage systems.

For the sake of the environment!