Intralogistics 4.0 – digitization and networking with Hänel

In its role as one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated carousel and vertical lift storage systems, Hänel has constantly driven the development and integration of its control and software technologies for decades.  

In the 1980s Hänel launched the development of its very own high-performance control systems. And since 2004 customers have been able to integrate Hänel controllers in their enterprise networks via Ethernet. Hänel also took the lead by launching touchscreen technology in 2006. 

Today Hänel storage systems at various sites worldwide can be clustered and integrated in almost any IT environment thanks to intelligent Hänel control systems and an open architecture. Another feature is the middleware-free connectivity of Hänel storage systems to a wide range of ERP systems via SOAP interface. Hänel also offers innovative solutions based on optical augmented reality devices as well as voice control (Pick-by-Voice) to ensure extremely efficient picking processes.