HänelSoft® – Reloaded!

The successful Hänel warehouse management software with new functions and design

The successful warehouse management software from Hänel combines modern design with even more convenience and functionality

The specialists at Hänel focused their expertise on three major objectives when developing this software: 

High functionality 
Transparent user guidance 
Optimal price-performance ratio

The result is the optimized version of HänelSoft® WMS with an advanced design featuring the latest technologies and a concept that sets industry standards.

User interface 

The entire concept has been revised, making usage much more convenient with modern functions. Complex routines and processes are clearly and concisely visualized. Templates, icons and other convenient functionalities, such as the drag and drop function for shelf management, makes system operation much easier and speeds up data input as well.

The pluses

  • The database and web server are integrated – and that makes
  • installation and maintenance tasks much easier.
  • Open technology to accommodate other database systems.
  • Data entry via barcode scanner directly at the Hänel system control point.
  • Flexible interfaces for ERP systems – csv, xml and web service.

Realistic and flexible mapping of various warehouse scenarios 

Using a configurator with an intuitive graphic interface, scenarios that involve Hänel systems, shelf storage, racks, pallet bays and other warehouse locations can be mapped very quickly. 

The precise structuring of the storage areas in the Hänel system is achieved with the shelf editor, which is used to define the storage container units, types of divider elements, reserved storage capacities, as well as the shelf templates.

Platform and location independence
Unlike a desktop application, HänelSoft® is based on browser technology so that it is available anytime and anywhere, permitting independent access to storage data regardless of location. The software does not require additional installations and features platform independence. 

Customized configuration options
HänelSoft® also supports the use of many different optional modules that can be used as building blocks to set up customized configurations that satisfy very specific customer requirements. 

Another highlight:
Mobile devices can be integrated with even more flexibility: Hand-held terminals optimize storage processes in the warehouse. Tablet concepts in the storage area can also be applied to order picking trolleys and forklifts that can be routed directly to the Hänel storage systems.