Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems

meets Blue Competence criteria

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems has been a member of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) since 2005

As a recognized partner, the Hänel company has met the criteria of Blue Competence, a sustainability initiative of the VDMA, since December 2012.

Under the headline “Blue Competence: Engineering a better world!” the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung profiled a number of companies with their respective contributions to sustainability.

With its intelligent storage systems, Hänel was able to show how it contributes to optimizing the energy balance. Under the umbrella term “Hänel EcoConcept”, Hänel constantly develops components that contribute to improving energy efficiency

Sustainable solutions in harmony with the economy, ecology and society!

Responsibility is the driver and backbone of sustainability. And for Blue Competence – the sustainability initiative of the mechanical and systems engineering industry – responsibility for sustainability is both a core value and ethical compass.

Blue Competence defines credible sustainability criteria and standards that partners in the initiative pledge to accept and fulfill, such as:

  • The partner defines objectives for his products and employees that will promote sustainable conduct.
  • The partner’s service offering shall include professional consulting with regard to energy efficiency and conservation of resources.
  • The partner agrees to having the practices and products in his business enterprise evaluated in terms of sustainability based on at least one case study.
  • The partner shall have a management system in his enterprise.
  • One member of executive management shall have responsibility for matters related to sustainability.

Blue Competence promotes more transparency, provides orientation and supports those who are looking for businesses that adhere to sustainable processes and/or manufacture sustainable products.

Mechanical and systems engineering is a key business segment that makes a major contribution to energy efficiency and climate protection by constantly developing innovative technologies.